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About Sub 5

Officially starting in Jan 2011, Sub 5 & its crew have been managing/ directing races for over 10 years. Owners Becky & Chris Bernier pride themselves in having a top crew that fusses over details and know that our job is to be the first to arrive and last to leave. We want the safest & most memorable event for you. Our crew will work tirelessly to make sure that happens.

Chris & Becky have been running & competing in endurance events for over 30 years. They now take that expertise along with a crew that is second to none and bring you events that are world class. Whether it is a 50 person trail ultra or a 20K person major marathon, Sub 5 will under promise and over deliver every time. The name Sub 5 came from the sub 5 mile time…..aka, any mile run under 5 minutes. It is not an impossible club to join, but one that takes dedication, attention to details and hard work. We feel that the same work ethic it takes to attain a sub 5 mile is very similar to our company work ethic….and thus a perfect name. ….and yes, even at age 47, Chris can still knock out a sub 5 mile. His son, Matt, who you see at most of the races has also joined the club. Call us anytime @ 603.801.5757 to see how Sub 5 Racing can help with your endurance event.